Sometimes (or quite possibly maybe all the time) when I feel restless or I’m concentrating really hard on something, I stream French radio segments and listen to the same one over and over again. Nerdy right? Only because I actually don’t understand any French despite my stint Continue Reading

Covent Garden

It’s a personal tradition to always go to Covent Garden when I’m in the neighbourhood (see how I phrased that then? Making it seem like it’s frequent enough that I ALWAYS go). My visit before this trip, my sis and I roamed around for hours watching the street performers. Continue Reading
I’m living the bachelorette life on a part time basis while Tim is over in the UK for a few weeks. His trip was a little unplanned and unexpected so I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare for my bachelorette activities. Nevertheless, while I have the chance I’m going all Continue Reading

Back At It

I’d forgive you for thinking that I was 80 years old because hot dang, I pulled my back out this week. For the past two days I’ve worn my pyjamas (but what’s new) and sobbed on my couch with a heat pack up against my back and some pain killers for good measure. Nothing makes Continue Reading

Cute @ QT

During our visit to play with Penguins we decided to make the most of the weekend on the Gold Coast and stay the night at QT Hotel. This little gem of a hotel is so much fun and makes me happy each time I go! From the fresh homemade lemonade at reception, to the decor […]Continue Reading