Fleurs Forever

Because Tim carried on soooo much about visiting The Florist at the Grounds of Alexandria to literally stop and smell the flowers, I couldn’t say no and deprive the poor guy. That’s just the type of nice person I am. You would be 100% accurate in thinking that there are few places Continue Reading
This past week at work totally kicked my butt. Like kicked my butt so hard I orbited around the world twice then landed straight back where I started. I’ve never been so happy to kiss a week goodbye in my life….. it was that hectic and that stressful that I’m only taking Continue Reading
So I can almost guarantee that my temporary French suburb is a bagillion times better than your suburb. You know why…. because I bet you’ve never had a police escorted ROLLER BLADE PARADE happen down your street. This actually happened a week ago and it was wonderful. The police sirens Continue Reading

Green Thumb

I am hereby making a public commitment that once we move into our new home with a small back yard… I. WILL. PLANT. Women in my family are notorious for our ability in killing even the toughest of plants, a trait that I will happily thank my Mum for as she has a fine tuned […]Continue Reading