Some of our dearest friends spoilt us with the gift of going in to spend time with the penguins at Seaworld as our engagement present. On the card they wrote “Penguins are mates for life” and the voucher was hidden in the cover of a Happy Feet DVD. Cute isn’t it?! Going in to Continue Reading


Firstly, I feel you deserve an explanation. You may have that feeling that I’m only going to tell you about another great sunny weekend day, spent with good friends, eating our way through food stalls. Well that may or may not have happened but we’ve sadly come to the end of Good Continue Reading
I finally made my first visit to Sirromet Winery and it’s hot on my list of “places I wish I visited years ago”. The sun was shining and luckily I love wine so it was a match made in grape heaven. One wine tasting in the cellar and a few bubbles in the belly later, […]Continue Reading
I was seriously amazed by the beauty and bustle of Rome. I’d heard mixed reviews from previous visitors but I have nothing but nice things to say about that place. I loved how hectic the streets were, all the tourists doing exactly what we were doing, and the overall size of the city. We Continue Reading
Castles slash Parks slash Flowers have been high on my “To Snap” list while the sun is still shining. I’m sure this weather isn’t normal as everyone keeps mentioning the Indian Summer that seems to be hanging around. Not what I was prepared for in way of clothing, Continue Reading