Green Thumb

I am hereby making a public commitment that once we move into our new home with a small back yard… I. WILL. PLANT. Women in my family are notorious for our ability in killing even the toughest of plants, a trait that I will happily thank my Mum for as she has a fine tuned […]Continue Reading
Ever wanted to live in a sherbet coloured house with shutters and bright coloured doors? Weird… me too. This street was on my list to visit so that’s a big TICK. Surprisingly it was a lot smaller than I expected and appeared in the middle of normal, unassuming streets. It just appears. Continue Reading
Coming home after a three month adventure overseas is challenging, and I was anticipating the “post adventure blues” pretty hard. That was until a little sparkly vase came into my life and changed everything. If you follow my Instagram you may remember I posted a picture of this Continue Reading
The rain and the cold doesn’t bother me much because it forces you inside, under cover, where you can find the most perfect hidden passageways. Passage des Panoramas is my absolute favourite in Paris and I could just stand here and watch for hours. The charm is in the old store signs, Continue Reading