I have been wanting to visit Motel Mexicola for so so sooo long, and last week I finally got to go. T & I went on a one week “goodbye holiday” before I flew out to Paris. I planned the trip as a surprise which was successfully kept a secret for months. That was until […]Continue Reading
A couple of days ago I didn’t do much for whole day so thought I should at least put on some walking shoes and do a giant lap around the Seine for some exercise. I came home pleased with myself and then decided a few squats and lunges were a good idea, while quietly giving […]Continue Reading
I’m a city type of girl. I like busy. Hustling. Being surrounded by people who are far too important to walk at a reasonable pace and instead, race around the city as if their life depends on it. It just makes me happy and I would comfortably take a city life over the country most […]Continue Reading
My trip last week to the Alps was planned all around the downright adorable town of Chamonix. First lesson was how to actually pronounce Chamonix correctly and not continue with the way I was saying it (basically exactly as it is written with no flare or finesse at all, whilst pronouncing the Continue Reading
Saturday started off slowly, which is expected I suppose after the self inflicted happy hour from the night before (always a good, no great, idea at the time). I regret nothing. Luckily I wrangled my mum into checking out the Di Bella Coffee roasting warehouse with me to force me out of bed and Continue Reading