Sit & Sip

It’s pretty lovely when you can enjoy all the good things of summer without your makeup dripping down your face into your champagne. Because that is really when things in life have hit rock bottom. With the long weekend just gone, the girls and I hit the park to sit and sip our day away. Continue Reading
In my first week of moving to Paris I went on a picnic while the weather was still A+. I headed to Rue Mouffetard which is very close to my apartment, grabbed a mini cheese board, a baguette, bottle of wine and these cute gingham napkins and headed to the Tour. If you don’t count […]Continue Reading
Bacon and Brunch. Pretty much my two favourite B words going around. Scrap that. Add Balmoral Boathouse (bazinga) and NOW I’m done talking about my favourite B words. When you visit a restaurant on the water, where the entrance is covered in flowers and the plates are this beautiful, you Continue Reading
Sometimes (or quite possibly maybe all the time) when I feel restless or I’m concentrating really hard on something, I stream French radio segments and listen to the same one over and over again. Nerdy right? Only because I actually don’t understand any French despite my stint Continue Reading