I have a soft spot for the Tower of London because I used to go here every day. When I first arrived and worked in London my office, we’ll call it an office, was just across the road. I say “not an office” because it was literally in the basement of the old royal mint […]Continue Reading
It feels like if I could be any type of accommodation, I would morph myself into the Atlantic at Byron Bay for several reasons. It’s gorgeous, it has black and white striped awnings, it’s gorgeous and each cottage has a stunning shared kitchen with amazing tiles on the kitchen Continue Reading

Fleurs Forever

Because Tim carried on soooo much about visiting The Florist at the Grounds of Alexandria to literally stop and smell the flowers, I couldn’t say no and deprive the poor guy. That’s just the type of nice person I am. You would be 100% accurate in thinking that there are few places Continue Reading
I’m pretty confident that regardless of where in the world I am, if you take me to a town I will most certainly be able to find you a florist. It’s like I have an inbuilt radar of where these gorgeous places are located as I never struggle to find a shop showered in fleurs. […]Continue Reading