I know it’s often said that America is the land of dreams but I seriously think the French capital is in the running too. There’s a sexiness about Paris that appeals to people and draws the 45 million tourists a year. If I’m having a bad day or feeling a little overwhelmed Continue Reading
I’ve officially made my first enemy. Maybe two enemies. They are my local grocery store check out chicks. I say “chicks” losely because these women are in their late 50’s and they joined in their mutual dislike for me. Firstly it’s worth mentioning that I have a Continue Reading
My trip last week to the Alps was planned all around the downright adorable town of Chamonix. First lesson was how to actually pronounce Chamonix correctly and not continue with the way I was saying it (basically exactly as it is written with no flare or finesse at all, whilst pronouncing the Continue Reading
It would be more than fair to say that I am not the most active human there ever was. I own that title and shrug it away while I finish my baguette and plan tomorrows bakery purchases in my head. There is however a particular walk that my non-active heart does miss taking from time […]Continue Reading


We spent the weekend being as Greek as possible at Paniyiri festival over at West End. We made a late entry on Sunday to sample the souvlaki and watch some plates being smashed. You couldn’t miss the place, it was sitting amongst thick clouds of smoke from the hot plates cooking within Continue Reading