I need to stick to what I know. Flowers, and naps, and over-sharing about my life on the internet. Last night I tried to outdo myself and imitate the wonderful Donna Hay in the kitchen. It looked simple and easy enough for a novice like Moi, but after adding another oven burn to my arm […]Continue Reading
My to do list currently sits at “Go back to The Farm” “Talk to everyone you know about The Farm” “Publish endless content about The Farm because maybe, there are other people who, like me, appreciate pigs, a dirt path and a playground”. I’m on my way to Continue Reading
Let’s start this new week off on a sweet note shall we? This little box of loveliness was bought on our recent trip to Melbourne at La Belle Miette. The intention of course was to take them over to our regular weekly family dinner and share them amongst the troops. For whatever reason Tim Continue Reading
We’ve reached that inevitable time of the year when FOOTBALL season starts again. That meaning we are lucky enough to watch football on Thursdays, Friday, Saturdays, Sundays AND wait… Mondays as well! Honestly what more could a girl ask for (insert sarcastic face). I’ve Continue Reading
Sunday mornings really are made for a hot breakfast that someone makes for you, seeing your friends, baby cuddles and treats from the markets. Our sunday just gone was all of those things in that order! Hitting the sunday markets at 9am we tried to beat the heat but boy was it warm! Plus Continue Reading