Lovely London

I haven’t really been sleeping great since being in Paris and it’s gone beyond annoying. I blame the fact that my couch/bed is one step away from my dining table, 3 steps away from my bathroom, and 5 steps away from my kitchen. It’s hard to switch off when you have to convert Continue Reading
A couple of days ago I didn’t do much for whole day so thought I should at least put on some walking shoes and do a giant lap around the Seine for some exercise. I came home pleased with myself and then decided a few squats and lunges were a good idea, while quietly giving […]Continue Reading
I have a soft spot for the Tower of London because I used to go here every day. When I first arrived and worked in London my office, we’ll call it an office, was just across the road. I say “not an office” because it was literally in the basement of the old royal mint […]Continue Reading
It feels like if I could be any type of accommodation, I would morph myself into the Atlantic at Byron Bay for several reasons. It’s gorgeous, it has black and white striped awnings, it’s gorgeous and each cottage has a stunning shared kitchen with amazing tiles on the kitchen Continue Reading