I’m pretty confident that regardless of where in the world I am, if you take me to a town I will most certainly be able to find you a florist. It’s like I have an inbuilt radar of where these gorgeous places are located as I never struggle to find a shop showered in fleurs. […]Continue Reading
Can we quickly run through a list of my favourite things about London??.. Ok, fun: 1. English 2. I know London. I know where I’m going, where I’m not going, how to get there and what I’ll see when I get there 3. English 4. Speed walking. When we lived in London our Continue Reading
Bacon and Brunch. Pretty much my two favourite B words going around. Scrap that. Add Balmoral Boathouse (bazinga) and NOW I’m done talking about my favourite B words. When you visit a restaurant on the water, where the entrance is covered in flowers and the plates are this beautiful, you Continue Reading
It’s a tad embarrassing that I’ve never made the effort to wake up early and sit on one of several beautiful beaches that we have so close to home, to watch the sunrise. After moving home from Paris where it was still dark at 8am and I would wake to the artificial glow of the […]Continue Reading