I’m a city type of girl. I like busy. Hustling. Being surrounded by people who are far too important to walk at a reasonable pace and instead, race around the city as if their life depends on it. It just makes me happy and I would comfortably take a city life over the country most […]Continue Reading
Tim and I have reached the milestone of doing our final invitation list for the wedding to be sent off to the printer. This list has been the one bone of contention in the whole wedding planning process, and we both know it. Given said issue, we decided the final discussion around wording and Continue Reading

Back To It

Our holiday is over and this week we are back at work. Hoooo. Huuummmm. We had such a great week away at Noosa. Being overly ambitious to take full advantage of the sun, I, just like my 16 year old self would have, laid without sunscreen for a few blissful hours ensuring every limb was […]Continue Reading