To The Lighthouse

After our first night of camping, in the rain, the bottom of our bed was soaked from water seeping in through the zipper in our tiny tent. So much so that we had to strip everything off the luxe blow up mattress and throw it into the industrial dryers on site (because who doesn’t love Continue Reading

Road Trippin’

Company cars are great. Because company cars give you access to company fuel cards. Which in turn means long weekend road trips that use up a significant amount of said fuel are both appealing and affordable. And who can argue with that. T & I took on the weather gods (and lost) and headed Continue Reading
A couple of days ago I didn’t do much for whole day so thought I should at least put on some walking shoes and do a giant lap around the Seine for some exercise. I came home pleased with myself and then decided a few squats and lunges were a good idea, while quietly giving […]Continue Reading
I have a soft spot for the Tower of London because I used to go here every day. When I first arrived and worked in London my office, we’ll call it an office, was just across the road. I say “not an office” because it was literally in the basement of the old royal mint […]Continue Reading