I have been wanting to visit Motel Mexicola for so so sooo long, and last week I finally got to go. T & I went on a one week “goodbye holiday” before I flew out to Paris. I planned the trip as a surprise which was successfully kept a secret for months. That was until […]Continue Reading

Covent Garden

It’s a personal tradition to always go to Covent Garden when I’m in the neighbourhood (see how I phrased that then? Making it seem like it’s frequent enough that I ALWAYS go). My visit before this trip, my sis and I roamed around for hours watching the street performers. Continue Reading
I’m living the bachelorette life on a part time basis while Tim is over in the UK for a few weeks. His trip was a little unplanned and unexpected so I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare for my bachelorette activities. Nevertheless, while I have the chance I’m going all Continue Reading

Back At It

I’d forgive you for thinking that I was 80 years old because hot dang, I pulled my back out this week. For the past two days I’ve worn my pyjamas (but what’s new) and sobbed on my couch with a heat pack up against my back and some pain killers for good measure. Nothing makes Continue Reading
Can we quickly run through a list of my favourite things about London??.. Ok, fun: 1. English 2. I know London. I know where I’m going, where I’m not going, how to get there and what I’ll see when I get there 3. English 4. Speed walking. When we lived in London our Continue Reading