Baguettes, cheese and french champagne. It really needs no further explanation but that wouldn’t make for the most exciting post I suppose. With Bastille Day just gone our little city held its annual French Festival along the river. Not going to lie I got a little “fan girl” Continue Reading


We’re a few days shy of the weekend friends and I’m feeling fancy. I have a very dear friends wedding on Saturday and a serious sleep in on Sunday that I’m mentally preparing for. That’s the funny thing about weekends… you can most often than not, find yourself wishing Continue Reading
When I lived in London, I used to have to work every third weekend (all weekend) leaving me with two days off within the regular work week from Monday to Friday. With everyone else was at work during my days off, I developed an incredibly consistent routine of not stepping a foot outside for Continue Reading
The story really starts at the beginning of my time in Paris. Literally the first week. I was settling in to my new petit apartment, when the intercom went off in my room. Now I knew absolutely not a single soul in Paris so I was skeptical from the get go. There is no reason […]Continue Reading