So I can almost guarantee that my temporary French suburb is a bagillion times better than your suburb. You know why…. because I bet you’ve never had a police escorted ROLLER BLADE PARADE happen down your street. This actually happened a week ago and it was wonderful. The police sirens Continue Reading
It’s a tad embarrassing that I’ve never made the effort to wake up early and sit on one of several beautiful beaches that we have so close to home, to watch the sunrise. After moving home from Paris where it was still dark at 8am and I would wake to the artificial glow of the […]Continue Reading

Green Thumb

I am hereby making a public commitment that once we move into our new home with a small back yard… I. WILL. PLANT. Women in my family are notorious for our ability in killing even the toughest of plants, a trait that I will happily thank my Mum for as she has a fine tuned […]Continue Reading