Ever wanted to live in a sherbet coloured house with shutters and bright coloured doors? Weird… me too. This street was on my list to visit so that’s a big TICK. Surprisingly it was a lot smaller than I expected and appeared in the middle of normal, unassuming streets. It just appears. Like the platform 9 and 3/4’s. I wonder if the residents get sick of people photographing it though, posing on their door steps and Instagraming their homes (guilty). I was happily minding my own business snapping away today when I noticed a man in one of the windows sitting with his back towards me. He gave me a fright at first but then when I realised he couldn’t see me I continued to photograph his home. It wasn’t until I walked back (and took a few more photos of his place just for good measure) that I realised his back was to the window because he was facing another person. Staring straight back at me. We locked eyes, then I shuffled on down the street to mind my own business and stay out of theirs.





  1. like poodle above, felt the need to comment because of the platform 9 3/4s line! : ) But also because, well, hello beautiful street. Imagine living there! I’m sure randomly being photographed in your home just goes with the territory when you live there.

  2. Such lovely photos of one of my favorite streets! It’s so cheerful, even on the greyest Parisian days. 🙂

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