Holy yum. Some weekends call for nothing more than a good meal. I’m a massive fan of tapas, of any style, and can really turn any run of the mill cuisine into a tapas feast (the trick you see is to order several starters and have a million tiny plates placed in front of you with a bit of everything and BAAMM you have tapas! **). On our mission to “save money” in the lead up to the wedding, we aimed to stay in and not spend. One weekend of this and we were over it, and eating out at Eat Street was always justified as it’s not a restaurant and you don’t have a reservation so it seriously doesn’t count as going out and spending money. It’s super busy and super hectic and you have to be sharp eyed to get a seat. But when you can have malaysian sliders, greek gyros and finish with a crepe I say so what!

P.S.: I do understand that simply ordering several starters does not make a meal officially tapas, however if you’re not using this method then you’re missing out and you only have yourself to blame.




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