Bacon and Brunch. Pretty much my two favourite B words going around. Scrap that. Add Balmoral Boathouse (bazinga) and NOW I’m done talking about my favourite B words. When you visit a restaurant on the water, where the entrance is covered in flowers and the plates are this beautiful, you know you’ve hit the brunch jackpot. My entire Sydney trip recently was worked around visiting The Balmoral Boathouse. Given our trip was scheduled amongst the worst storms Sydney had seen in 8 years, our timing for brunch had to be on point because I would have possibly (most likely more then probably most definitely) cried if the weather was bad for our visit here.


Tim and I are brunch people, and we’re comfortable with the title. Despite our brunch enthusiasm however we tend to keep things classic. Sourdough, bacon, eggs and pushing the tomato to the side is how we roll. If you haven’t been here, and you’re lucky enough to live in Sydney, then get onto it. Don’t ever leave. But when they do force you to go make sure you grab yourself a bunch of fleurs from the front door and call it a day with a belly full of bacon and a bouquet to boot!

Hope all you mumma girls out there had a fabulous Mothers Day on the weekend! My bacon baby and I sure did….but they don’t make a card for that.



  1. Oh this place is amazing Megs! I went with friends as part of my birthday weekend in Sydney. The only thing that detracted from the fabulous location & beautiful food was the crowds of people & having to stalk tables until one became available. Then having at least 4 groups of people stalk your table while you eat – because nothing says “relaxing brunch” like having random groups of people watching you eat your meal!!!

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