How was everyone’s weekend? We started Saturday at the Powerhouse Markets at New Farm which was… tempting. I am no cook nor do I fake any talent in the kitchen (unless you count pouring a drink, which in that case, I am as professional as they get). Despite this lack of cooking ability I love nothing more than joining the masses and buying fresh foods at the markets that I will more than likely do nothing with.

A few hours after wandering around I had fresh strawberries, egg pasta, a punnet of mixed mini capsicums (or baby Peppers for you European folk) sitting in my bag and a delicious glass of homemade iced lemonade sitting in my stomach. Throw in a lemon & sugar crepe for good measure and I was officially out of cash and full of fresh foods. As I walked by the lemonade stand the man in charge was yelling “Come and taste the Sunshine, we have happiness in a glass, you won’t be able to stop smiling”. Now I’m no sales man but promising people the taste of sunshine is a pretty big call…. lucky he delivered. We left with my bag full of foods that to this day sit lonely and unused in my fridge, but for the chance to taste Sunshine I can say it was well worth it.




  1. I love markets like these, they’re always so fun and exciting.

    I think I might do a bit of shopping this weekend, what I do best. I hope you have a great weekend as well. 🙂

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