I know it’s often said that America is the land of dreams but I seriously think the French capital is in the running too. There’s a sexiness about Paris that appeals to people and draws the 45 million tourists a year. If I’m having a bad day or feeling a little overwhelmed with the language barrier (I’m blaming you evil check out ladies) there is nothing more calming than heading to the tourist hot spots. To hear English and watch hundreds of people walk around with maps instantly makes me feel calmer about things.

My personal favourite is to sit at the Champ des Mars and watch people take photos in front of the Eiffel Tower. There is sooo much variety in the poses, the outfits, the number of attempts. It’s seriously fantastic. My favourites are the girls dressed in tulle. I don’t even have to be more specific than that because on all of my visits I have been blessed by a girl, wearing tulle of some sort, and posing like it’s no one’s business (this time I’m blaming you, Carrie Bradshaw). It makes me think how long these people have wanted to visit, how much they have dreamt about what they would do when they got here and just how much effort they have put into getting the perfect shot of them in Paris.

I thought my latest visit was wonderful enough when I spotted this gleaming carousel near Trocadero. It was a rotating glimmer of gold happiness. Just when things couldn’t get better the carousel started spinning and there, was a bride. In her tulle.

Day made.




  1. beautiful pics, as always! I have only been to paris once for a few days, and remember the very moment that the Eiffel tower first came into view – it was an amazing moment. You seem to be living the dream!!

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