Saturday started off slowly, which is expected I suppose after the self inflicted happy hour from the night before (always a good, no great, idea at the time). I regret nothing. Luckily I wrangled my mum into checking out the Di Bella Coffee roasting warehouse with me to force me out of bed and shake me out of my funk first thing in the AM. It’s hard to get a better smell than freshly brewed coffee… it’s seriously one of my happy places.


After two hours chatting with mum I was feeling slightly more spritely and headed home to then find out I didn’t have my phone. To then have to drive all the way back to pick it up. One awkward exchange with the barista later, who was explaining and apologising that she wasn’t snooping through my phone but she had to do a bit of snooping to find a contact to call to say I had left my phone there, I felt like I’d made a new friend. Because once someone goes through you phone and knows all your secrets… you certainly don’t want them as an enemy.


  1. Meg Kernaghan says:

    haha yeah I feel this awkwardness, I once had an iPhone land at my feet in the theatre that had like slid down the slanted floor to my seat and I had no idea who’s it was. I felt so awkward lighting it up and seeing someone else’s messages!
    Time with Mum is so good for giving you a feeling of renewal and a bit of therapy 🙂

  2. Seems like you had a stroke of luck 😀 This made me think about how my iphone is locked with a passcode. I guess if somebody found my phone they wouldn’t be able to find my number. Hmm….

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