My trip last week to the Alps was planned all around the downright adorable town of Chamonix. First lesson was how to actually pronounce Chamonix correctly and not continue with the way I was saying it (basically exactly as it is written with no flare or finesse at all, whilst pronouncing the sound “icks” at the end). I wish I had French lessons.


The great weather continued to follow me around so it was clear and sunny during my whole stay, however, get me here in winter with snow and freezing temperatures and it would be Christmas magic. Apparently it snowed the week before I arrived, go figure. This place even has its own babbling brook. Beyond storybooks where does this even happen!


Despite the sun it was still quite cool and made hanging in the hotel bar near a fire with some wine an easy task. One thing I don’t like about hotels is when you don’t have a bar fridge for drinks. I’m a big drinker in the night, as in I’m always waking and heading to the fridge for a drink (usually juice, or water if I’m all out). My room in Chamonix didn’t have one but never fear. I grabbed some liquids from the store and left them lined up outside my balcony window all night to chill in the 0 degree weather. Just like clockwork when I woke for a beverage in the middle of the night I briskly opened my balcony door, grabbed my chilled Gatorade, smiled to myself for excellent forward thinking and went back to sleep.


  1. Those photos are stunning! I can’t believe it was so sunny! Chamonix looks like a quaint little town. I had to google how to pronounce it! I love what you did for chilled drinks! I did the same thing once, except it was for yoghurt.

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