It’s a personal tradition to always go to Covent Garden when I’m in the neighbourhood (see how I phrased that then? Making it seem like it’s frequent enough that I ALWAYS go). My visit before this trip, my sis and I roamed around for hours watching the street performers. Seriously the best thing is to grab a drink at Punch & Judy and set yourself up on their balcony. You get the great view and don’t feel the intense pressure to have to clap along when the street performer asks you too. From this wonderfully high vantage point, you also have no chance of being that awkward ring in that get asks to “pretend catch” a bunch of swords or something. It’s a win win. And there is wine. Holla!





  1. Oooh, this place looks really lovely! I think a city here in California just opened up a place similar to this.

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