We’re a few days shy of the weekend friends and I’m feeling fancy. I have a very dear friends wedding on Saturday and a serious sleep in on Sunday that I’m mentally preparing for. That’s the funny thing about weekends… you can most often than not, find yourself wishing away your week and hoping to do nothing with your days off. Then Saturday shows its beautiful face and you can’t help but feeling like you too should show your beautiful face to someone other than your cat. I don’t own a cat, I don’t even particularly like cats all that much but I’m just trying to paint a universal picture here so we all feel included.


My sister bought MAC’s Candy Yum Yum lipstick today and sent me a pic (holy fun colour!).. and it got me in the mood to make this weekend a fancy weekend. So I’m making a public pledge to put that little extra effort into my upcoming Saturday and Sunday. There will be bright lipstick, champagnes, sore feet, pyjamas pants on Sunday only and food (at all times of the day because hey, it’s a fancy weekend and all).

(If I were still in Sydney I’d slap on some Candy Yum Yum and sit out on the gorgeous deck above in the sun at the Balmoral Boathouse. If you have the ability to do so then please do, put it in Instagram and let me live vicariously through you. Thanks in advance)



  1. Stephanie B says:

    That place looks amazing, love the pictures! I at times wish away the week and hope for a quiet weekend but then the weekend comes and I want to be out in the sunshine! I like the sound of your fancy weekend approach.

  2. Meg Kernaghan says:

    Fancy is my boyfriend’s favourite song so I literally cannot read that word without thinking of Iggy LOL
    I sat at the closest table in the last photo! The one time I was in Sydney, my Dad’s cousin and his wife go there a lot I believe!

    Candy Yum Yum is my sister’s favour lipstick! haha
    I got her into MAC and that one is the one she always wears to parties 😛

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