Fleurs Forever

Because Tim carried on soooo much about visiting The Florist at the Grounds of Alexandria to literally stop and smell the flowers, I couldn’t say no and deprive the poor guy. That’s just the type of nice person I am. You would be 100% accurate in thinking that there are few places in the world that would make me Tim as happy as this place. It’s all the pre wrapped bouquets in brown paper, the silver tin buckets and the Please Do Not Touch signs planted around the place that makes it feel like an adult candy store. Or so I would think because he never really told me so or even really spoke to me about our little visit, but I’m going to take that as him just being overwhelmingly grateful that I finally relented and waited patiently in the wings while he did laps oohing and aaahing at the peonies.


Small Disclaimer: Although real names have been used, the events described may not be an accurate reflection of what took place during said visit to The Florist. But it’s my blog, and I’ll lie if I want to.


  1. Carina Maree says:

    It looks gorgeous. I wish to visit the Grounds…one day. Until then I’ll just quietly cry over the gorgeous pictures on instagram (and blogs such as yours)!

  2. Hahahaha. I love the idea of flowers in brown paper, but I have really bad hayfever so I can’t enjoy them in practice…

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