We’re experiencing a cold snap here in Brisbane, which to anyone who lives outside of Brisbane, is probably just your average winter weather. But we’re sunshine spoilt here and as such like to label changes in the weather as an “event”. In fairness it was super cold but only because of this crazy wind that came thiiiiisss close to huffing and puffing and blowing my house down through the night. Tim slept through the whole scenario without a stir but nothing new to report there.


Sunday started off perfectly with breakfast (and the breeze) at a new spot by the river, Pineapple Express. Luckily enough it is located next to the port where cruise ships dock and passengers board. Which can only mean one thing….. Hawaiian shirts. Here we are, experiencing a cold weather event, and you’ve got mature age travellers sitting in large groups in matching Hawaiian shirts because cold snap or not, these folk had their cruise outfits picked months ago and 8 degree weather isn’t going to ruin their moment. The world needs more people like them, having a go at life and brightening up a cold day one Hawaiian shirt at a time.

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  1. This looks extremely cool (hipster cool!) must check out! And totally agree on the cold snap – this three days of winter is about all us Brisbanites can handle! Ha!

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