So I can almost guarantee that my temporary French suburb is a bagillion times better than your suburb. You know why…. because I bet you’ve never had a police escorted ROLLER BLADE PARADE happen down your street. This actually happened a week ago and it was wonderful. The police sirens going off, the cars pulling off to the side of the street. The road literally parted like the red sea and I couldn’t figure out why and then they came. Hundreds of them. Just casually roller blading up my street with their roller-blade-loving peers having a hella good time.


Also, I’ve been hearing this trumpet going off on some afternoons but have never been able to place where the noise is coming from. I thought it may be a neighbour playing their favourite track obnoxiously loud but it kept fading in and out all the time. I stuck my head out of the window one night when the sound was so close I knew I had to find it, and one block away an old man walked by with these speakers in the kind of trolley kart old people take to the markets, and his trumpet in his hand playing along to the track I’ve been hearing for weeks. Just strolling along as if everyone else were interrupting his private business of playing his trumpet in the streets.

Welcome to the neighbourhood kids.



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