Let’s start this new week off on a sweet note shall we? This little box of loveliness was bought on our recent trip to Melbourne at La Belle Miette. The intention of course was to take them over to our regular weekly family dinner and share them amongst the troops. For whatever reason Tim and I had to cancel from family dinner the week of our return so it left me all by myself at home, with my peppermint coloured box of treats and no where to go. But let’s be real we all know where this story ends and that ending was happiness. Pure rose & lychee flavoured happiness.


How was your weekend? I hope it was just as sweet! You make sure you have a pretty great week now won’t you 🙂



  1. The Sunday Mode says:

    I must be the only person on earth who isn’t a fan of macaroons, I actually find them way too sweet (which is weird considering I have the biggest sweet tooth on the planet!)

  2. Can’t get sick of looking at macarons, they’re just so so pretty… I haven’t treated myself to them in a while!

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