I have been wanting to visit Motel Mexicola for so so sooo long, and last week I finally got to go. T & I went on a one week “goodbye holiday” before I flew out to Paris. I planned the trip as a surprise which was successfully kept a secret for months. That was until 3 days before we flew out and a friend accidentally asked Tim if he was excited “to head to Bali?!?!”. Secret ruined. But we still had a great time on our faux-second-honeymoon.


This little gem of a bar was high on my list purely for superficial reasons. Throw some clashing colours and patterns throughout a bar and I’m there. Plus who doesn’t want mexican food whilst holidaying in Bali? We smashed the beers and ate quesadillas across the turquoise tiles and I was in pattern-loving heaven.


Find more info about this little marvel here – it’s also worth a mention that the beers are served cold. As in sitting in a giant ice container behind the bar cold. And that is worth something in itself.

025-magnificent-mexicola-4 025-magnificent-mexicola-5


  1. noooooooo to the secret surprise ruiner!!! what a bummer! Years ago my then-boyfriend now-husband went to auzzie for Christmas to stay with family… On boxing day I bought a very expensive spur of the moment ticket and was at the airport 3 hours later excited to surprise him. I checked in with the (now) sister in law to make sure it was cool that I could stay. When I got off the plane he was waiting for me at the airport. SHE TOLD HIM! I was so gutted because an expensive ticket to auz from nz is worth it for a cool surprise. Otherwise, it’s just an overpriced ticket. Sorry – totally made that all about me. Clearly I mustn’t have got over it ha ha.

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