If I were a Queen I would live here, just as it is, and enjoy my own little hamlet away from a giant palace. Marie Antoinette knew exactly what she was doing. The Petit Trianon sits in the back of the Palace of Versailles and is a little secluded pocket of loveliness where the Queen once lived. Speaking of little, she must have been the tiniest little human… did you notice the size of that floral bed?

I literally got lost whilst wandering around the grounds. There are so many little gardens and dirt paths to other little gardens, it took all my energy and concentration to find my way out again. It was so quite on the grounds, you easily feel like you’re the only one there. After walking what felt like a bagillion kilometres, all I wanted to do was to sit quietly on that flower covered stone staircase and eat cake.



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  1. The Petit Trianon looks like a hobbit house from the Shire, haha. I was so looking forward to seeing the gardens at Versailles but for some reason they were closed when we were there D:

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