Coming home after a three month adventure overseas is challenging, and I was anticipating the “post adventure blues” pretty hard. That was until a little sparkly vase came into my life and changed everything. If you follow my Instagram you may remember I posted a picture of this fabulous little vase in an attempt to convince the team behind Lovestar that I was a worthy winner of their new silver Sacre Couer sparkle vase. Me, an Australian girl living in Paris, entering a competition to win a vase named after one of the most iconic sites in Paris….. here comes fate stage left.


I woke the following day (a tad behind Australian time) when my sister sent me a text in capitals declaring


My sister and I don’t use capitals in text messages. It’s an agreement we have that you must ONLY use capital letters if there is an absolute emergency, that way we know when something serious is going on. Therefore a whole text message in capitals meant big things were happening. There was the most wonderful notification that I had been tagged in a message from Lovestar, and named one of the winners of their new release vases. I have been lusting over one of these little babies for a good year and a half, and to see I had one in the mail being sent to me was like Christmas, Wedding Anniversary, Birthday and Declaration of Unborn Child* all came early! Two weeks away from moving home from my Paris adventure and I was coming home to my very own Lovestar. And Husband.


Thank you Lovestar for making my post holiday depression a little easier to handle, and for the colourful polka dot packaging… you certainly know a way to a girls heart.

* I am not pregnant, the declaration of being pregnant has been used in this context to exemplify the enormity of this moment for me.
* Want your own little piece of sparkle in your life? Sure you do. Head to Lovestar for more treats 🙂


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