We spent the weekend being as Greek as possible at Paniyiri festival over at West End. We made a late entry on Sunday to sample the souvlaki and watch some plates being smashed. You couldn’t miss the place, it was sitting amongst thick clouds of smoke from the hot plates cooking within every corner of the park. It saddens me to report that there were two terrible occurrences during the festival. Number One was that we missed the plate smashing which is such bad luck because it’s not an activity I feel I’d be able to try at home. Number Two is almost too horrible to even type.


They ran out of lamb souvlaki.

I feel it is really hard to come back from that especially when you have to line up with a million others who more than likely wanted some lamb just like us. Luckily they had the most adorable Greek dancers who really stepped up the charm. After continually clapping and shouting out an OPA here and there over our Mythos beers, all was forgiven.


  1. My immediate thought was “I wonder if they just said they had no lamb left because they’d smashed all the plates.” And you know, I think I might be onto something 😀

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