Sometimes (or quite possibly maybe all the time) when I feel restless or I’m concentrating really hard on something, I stream French radio segments and listen to the same one over and over again. Nerdy right? Only because I actually don’t understand any French despite my stint living there. It gets a bit awkward when a colleague at work notices my screen or asks what I’m listening too and being the below average liar that I am, I fumble with my English words and end up just pointing at the screen with no expression at all as a means of explanation. “Oh so you speak French!?” Um no. No I do not. Definitely not. Just don’t judge me and my radio streaming preferences.


Ok I lie a wee bit (told you I was below average). I know approximately 400 words or so my Duolingo profile tells me. Oh la la… basically a native. I have a whole bunch of pointless vocabulary but I’ve decided that instead of letting my European homesickness get me down, I would continue to try to learn French to somewhat keep my mind occupied!

So naturally after making up my mind to keep at it, the universe popped T H I S right in my face while surfing the internet at work researching tirelessly on important business matters. It’s both beautiful and amazing to listen to, and reconfirms my decision to stream day in day out until I myself am a polyglot like those fine folk. Or I could aim small and be happy to settle at the stage where I can switch a little more seamlessly between my fluent English and partial French to communicate better than just pointing and looking blank at my screen when questioned by a colleague about what I’m actually doing.


  1. Nicholle Powell says:

    Oh my gosh, I love this. I do the same thing! One of my favorite songs right now is Complètement fou by Yelle, and I have zero idea what the song is about. It has a good beat!

    From one English-speaking Francophile to another… ain’t no shame in that game! 🙂

  2. That video is amazing! I’m very jealous though – I would love to speak so many languages so easily. I used to listen to French radio or music too but then I actually started to know enough French to understand it and it was a distraction rather than meaningless background noise!

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