I’m a city type of girl. I like busy. Hustling. Being surrounded by people who are far too important to walk at a reasonable pace and instead, race around the city as if their life depends on it. It just makes me happy and I would comfortably take a city life over the country most days of the week.


Despite this though, one of my favourite memories of Paris was stumbling across the hidden courtyards, gardens and squares within the city. Popping up behind beautiful ornate doors that were left ajar, or hidden at the end of streets that appeared to lead nowhere, they were everywhere just waiting to be discovered. During my wandering around the Marais district one afternoon I fell upon Place des Vosges which is a busy green square amongst previously said city hustle. Quite clearly incredibly adorable, it was the oldest planned square in Paris and is surrounded by red brick houses that face inwards towards the square. I took my time sitting and getting a good “green” fix before hitting the streets again to be ignored and pushed by strangers… ahh the urban bliss, how can you not love it!



  1. I never stumbled across this place when visiting Paris! It looks nice, although I’ve never been in Paris in nice enough weather to laze on grass.

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