Can we quickly run through a list of my favourite things about London??.. Ok, fun:

1. English
2. I know London. I know where I’m going, where I’m not going, how to get there and what I’ll see when I get there
3. English
4. Speed walking. When we lived in London our friends/family who came to visit often made the comment “You guys walk so fast”. You either walk fast or get eaten alive by the Brits. I chose to walk fast.
5. Premier Inn Hotels. By far not the chicest hotels going but they are always the same and have a killer breakfast. That kind of reliability rarely exists these days, unless you consider McDonalds. My Father In Law loves the Premier Inn chain so much it’s the only hotel he’ll stay in when he’s in the UK (and he is a Pom!) He developed a habit of using the phrase “…no surprises at the Premier Inn!” and I whole heartedly agree
6. Boots. My favourite go to place for anything that lives in my bathroom. Seeing as I can’t communicate effectively with my French counterparts I used my time in London to stock up on all the medication/beauty supplies/sleep supplements I could while I had an understanding sales assistant. P.S why did I never discover the Boots branded cleansing wipes in “Calming Cucumber” before?! These things are magic and I have instant regret at not buying more than one packet.


It’s a crazy big and busy city that stole my heart. After my first five weeks in Paris with little to no luck at feeling like a local it was a nice relief to be somewhere where I felt at home. And could speak English peeerrffeeecccttlllyyyyy.




  1. I love the colours of the building. I am heading to London at the end of this year, and now I am tempted to try that cleansing wipe (I am always in the market for good wipes!)

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