Sit & Sip

It’s pretty lovely when you can enjoy all the good things of summer without your makeup dripping down your face into your champagne. Because that is really when things in life have hit rock bottom. With the long weekend just gone, the girls and I hit the park to sit and sip our day away.


Packing for a picnic is no joke. It’s exactly how I imagine packing to get out of the house with a child must be like. Blankets, napkins, spare plates, utensils, plastic bags in case I need one, champagne stopper, food, no spare hands and then that awkward “walk/skip/run” you do when trying to relocate said items from the car to anywhere else in only one trip because the thought of doing two trips is just too much.


Yes. I did just sum up motherhood in my comparison with a picnic. That’s the beauty of being without child, you can make all sorts of ridiculous claims and almost get away with it.


  1. Carina Maree says:

    This looks like the perfect picnic! I should really take advantage of the not so wintry weather here in Perth and have a picnic too while I can!

    I just found your blog and i absolutely love it! I have really enjoyed reading your Paris posts in particular. I went there for about 1 1/2 months over December to February and I miss it dreadfully…it pains me seeing gorgeous shot of Paris in the Springtime! I really hope to return soon.

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