It feels like if I could be any type of accommodation, I would morph myself into the Atlantic at Byron Bay for several reasons.

It’s gorgeous, it has black and white striped awnings, it’s gorgeous and each cottage has a stunning shared kitchen with amazing tiles on the kitchen island that makes me instantly want a new home to renovate so I can replicate. T & I spent 3 days of the long weekend lounging around Byron due to a wedding Tim was asked to MC for. It’s wonderful when friends or family choose your favourite spot for a wedding and you are forced into taking a few extra days off for the long weekend to attend (poor us, how absolutely terrible!). Our mini stay-cation was only mildly interrupted by rain clouds and poor weather. But I heart Byron Bay big time and it takes more than a rain cloud to ruin my good time.


There’s one problem I face when staying in Byron. The constant struggle of whether I can, or cannot, get away with wearing Haram pants. Like serious Haram pants, the kind where the crotch seam sags almost to your ankles.

My heart says YES but my sensible city head says NO. NO YOU CANNOT. DEFINITELY NO. GO HOME.

039-amazing-atlantic-bay-3 039-amazing-atlantic-bay-4

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