My to do list currently sits at “Go back to The Farm” “Talk to everyone you know about The Farm” “Publish endless content about The Farm because maybe, there are other people who, like me, appreciate pigs, a dirt path and a playground”. I’m on my way to crossing off my list with every week that passes. Seriously one of my favourite spots, this place couldn’t be any better for a day out.


Remember The Florist I found a few weeks back? Well that was at the farm. Because that’s how they do it, they lure you in with all of life’s great things and make it hard for you to really hate the place. We spent a good couple of hours strolling the property and watching the hundreds of chickens just genuinely having a good time in the sun. Then a group of pigs started to actually play in mud and I could have just packed up and left right the

n and there because there’s little more to see after a pig in mud! We could have easily have stayed here a whole day and had a long lunch at the Three Blue Ducks, but there’s always a next time because I know it won’t be long before I’m back to check on the chickens.





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