Tim and I have reached the milestone of doing our final invitation list for the wedding to be sent off to the printer. This list has been the one bone of contention in the whole wedding planning process, and we both know it. Given said issue, we decided the final discussion around wording and actual invitees should be had on neutral ground. So we headed into the city, eased into the situation with a bit of shopping at the sales (I scored two more silk blouses and Tim didn’t come up empty handed either. win) and then took a seat to people watch and have a drink.
Even the waiter noticed we were in a deep mode of discussion and decision making and made himself scarce. Well played sir.

Surprisingly we found the final decision/s easy and locked it in. Which was unexpected, but completely welcomed. Given we surprised ourselves with just how great this decision went we enjoyed dumplings and champagne, and then found ourselves at the Brisbane Festival to watch the light show.

Seriously Southbank, you have never looked so beautiful.




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