I can’t say with any kind of certainty how long I had been walking around Paris with a knife in my bag. If I were a gambling man, I’d put my bets on it being roughly since week two when I took myself on a lovely picnic date at the Eiffel Tower. It caused me no trouble until the day in my last week when I decided to spend a rainy day within the Louvre.







Girl queues in rain for Louvre
Girl gets to front of queue feeling quite impressed with the quick wait time in line
Girl along with everyone else in France it seems, lines up again to put bags through security scanner
Girl too occupied taking photos of inside structure of Louvre to pay attention to scanner and gets tapped on shoulder
Girl stands open mouthed when a small kitchen knife is taken out of the ZIPPERED part of bag (as if she deliberately tried to conceal it. oh my)
Awkward conversation with guards and Girl about baguettes, and pique-niques and cutting cheese
Shameful look from others who are already grumpy from lining up in the rain
Girl allowed in after probably being scorned in French, but interprets conversation as “No problem, just a silly mistake, please go and enjoy the rest of your day! Au Revoir!
Successful trip to the Louvre completed by Girl

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  1. Ha! I once had a fork taken off me at the Family Court in Melbourne when I went in to file some paperwork as part of my job at a law firm. I got it back though!

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