This past week at work totally kicked my butt. Like kicked my butt so hard I orbited around the world twice then landed straight back where I started. I’ve never been so happy to kiss a week goodbye in my life….. it was that hectic and that stressful that I’m only taking solace in the fact that I have a full 12 months to recover and prepare until the week from hell reappears in 2016.


Given said week, the only energy I had left was to slap on some socially acceptable pants, cover my face in oversized sunglasses and grab a cider in a beer garden with my love. On a side note I’m so excited that the weather is warming purely so I can drink more cider… I neglect one of my favourite drinks until the summer and there is really no reason for such an absurd decision. I guess these are the tough decisions that my mother warned me I would face when I was young.


Do you ever have those weeks when only a pulled pork roll and cider in the sunshine will fix it? This could probably be the one and only line to my biography if ever wrote one. Although accurate, I don’t feel it would make for interesting reading being only one line and all. Nevertheless when you’re feeling down and out and just need a little pick me up it really takes nothing more than an outdoor bar and a few bar snacks to get your spirits lifted and I did just that on my sunshine filled Saturday.



  1. Gosh, that must’ve one hella of hectic week, but good that you made it through! And the fact that you had a lovely time relaxing is great! I’ve been having a pretty stressful week myself but have yet to slap on some oversized glasses to chill…gotta get on that soon!

    Wishing you a better week this time round!

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