Just when you start getting comfortable with a new city here’s a suggestion. Head up high. As high as you can go and you’ll quickly realise you’ve barely touched the surface. Large, flat cities intimidate me a lot more than sky scraper landscapes. I think it’s the lack of tall buildings that make it seem like your lost in a small maze with nothing to look towards to find your way out.

Ironically these were taken on top of Tour Montparnasse, Level 56, which is the most obtrusive and out of place building you can find in Paris. After it’s construction buildings of this architecture and height were banned as it caused such an uproar and I don’t blame them. Surely the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe have the city skyline covered.

P.s the garden in the first pic is the Jardin du Luxembourg which I photographed here – these Parisienne’s don’t mess about with their parks!!



  1. I’ve heard this year there will be even more tourists on Jardin du Luxembourg. Becoming most favorite place out there.

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