I have a soft spot for the Tower of London because I used to go here every day. When I first arrived and worked in London my office, we’ll call it an office, was just across the road. I say “not an office” because it was literally in the basement of the old royal mint building and as a substitute for windows we had these lovely faux windows made of frosted glass that were illuminated by a bright fluorescent light to mimic sunshine. The effect was not so great.


In my recent trip back I headed back to the old stomping ground to see the poppy installation. Holy wow. 888,246 ceramic poppies are strategically placed around the moat of the Tower as a sign of remembrance for all the fatalities in the British War. I tip my hat to artist Paul Cummins, you did good sir.

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  1. Miss Directions says:

    Woah that’s awesome! I have a photo of ToL from last August with pretty purple flowers in front of it, nothing like this though. Wish it was only a train ride away!

  2. I visited the Tower back in August, it’s looking amazing now that there are even more poppies. Such a clever installation.
    Jennifer x

  3. I never quite understand the point of faux windows.I once stayed in a hostel which had a faux window on the roof which displayed an illuminated photo of clouds ….

    Wow! That poppy installation is so cool!

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