You may or may not know, that Tim and I lived in London for two years. Although we have been home for 18 months already, we miss London a lot. We made the decision to come home to settle down and get married and so …here we are. Despite all the great things we are planning for the Future Mr & Mrs Denton, we really miss our life in our London. Each month was a new adventure to a new country… and each month we stayed in our low paying jobs just to see the world. It was a crazy, expensive, busy two years but I’m so thankful I moved there and had the experience.

We’ve been back once already, and when trying to decide on honeymoon destinations we find ourselves always gravitating towards locations close to London. Hey, it could be a convenient stop over!





  1. One conversation dominated the interval chit-chat at my most recent visit to the Globe Theatre. You can’t tell whether a small chain is real or just a front for Te$co. But that’s the fallout from having PM Bliar for a decade!

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